Start a daily practice of Wholebody Focusing with Intunements by Kevin McEvenue. These Intunements help one become present to oneself in a compassionate and healing way. Listen to
First Intunements to learn the basics of Wholebody Focusing.


First Intunements, Coming Home and Exploring the Unexplored, the first three CDs in this catalog, unfold a process from a ‘felt sense.’ They describe a step-by-step approach to learning to do something new. The steps expand as each new podcast helps beginners immerse themselves in this way. It shows them how Kevin’s practice might be of value to them. If one listens to the CDs in order, one will find a coherent path to mastering Wholebody Focusing practices. Start with First Intunements, then Coming Home, and then Exploring the Unexplored.

These explorational CDs describe a process with words, giving voice to that process. It is helpful for beginners and those who are more advanced to remind them how to practice this way of
living step by step.

FIRST INTUNEMENTS: What benefits will a daily practice of Wholebody Focusing daily practice provide? What it supports is a way to sustain a connection to self in a foundational way that provides a direct experience of “who I am and what I want to be or do. First Intunements provides guidance that can lead to a more solid connection to self.

Over the years, it has become clear to Kevin McEvenue that we seem to desire to to have a fresh sense of ourselves—to get in touch with what might be there in us right now. Some questions come to the surface. How do I feel now? What is here for me now? How can I be present to what is here? To do this, we need some solid grounding, something that we can hold onto, to allow those kinds of questions to emerge.

These Intunements help one learn how to do this or renew what you might already know. It helps to hear a voice, Keven McEvenue’s voice, as a guide to a new understanding of oneself. That we can hold onto, to allow those kinds of questions to emerge. These Intunements help us find our way to the unfolding of who we are.

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