Doors of Perception, a fourth collection of Intunements, is a significant shift in intention. Once we have a handle on the process itself, these podcasts are coming from a very different place in the body/mind. You will notice that it is not ‘about’ learning something new. It is about ‘living in a “direct felt sense experiencing—this way of being and allowing words to flow from this new place.” The critical shift is giving words to a felt sense of a living experience and what happens in the experiencing itself as it lives itself forward.

We are far more familiar with ‘talking about’ a subject and maybe have great difficulty in taking in when a person speaks directly in the ‘living in an experience.’ And yet, in Gendlin’s Focusing training, we are asked to allow something from what feels alive in the body as the body expresses this experience in thought, sound, or movement.

These podcasts give words and sounds that form naturally from what Kevin is experiencing in the moment. In this series, he lives forward what is being felt and noticed and what happens
when he does so. There is the presence of a not knowing what might come next, and then it does. It seems to bring something new and unexpected.

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