Doors of Perception, a fourth CD, is a significant shift in intention. Once we master the process, these podcasts start from a very different place. You will notice that they are not ‘about’ learning something new. Instead, they are about living in a “direct felt sense experiencing—this way of being and allowing words to flow from this new place.” The critical shift is giving words to a felt sense of a living experience and what happens in the experiencing itself as it lives itself forward.

These podcasts demonstrate words and sounds that form naturally from what Kevin is experiencing at the moment. In this series, he lives forward by letting what comes to be felt and noticed and what happens when he does so. There is the presence of a not knowing what might come next, and then it does. It seems to bring something new and unexpected.

Each CD pairs with additional instructions that you can find on Kevin McEvenue’s Wholebody Focusing Blog. Please click on the link and search by the name of the Intunement. You will find the text that Kevin created to support the message of the intunement.bring something new and unexpected.

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